Social Skills. Summer Learning. Self-Confidence. Respect. Physical Activity.

What Kids Say … About Indiana Sheriffs’ Youth Leadership Camps

For nearly four decades, Indiana Sheriffs’ Youth Leadership Camps have built bonds between sheriffs’ offices and the local kids … empowered local youth to prevent drugs, violence and other crimes at home and school … and encouraged local teens to become future deputies, police officers and state troopers.

Generations of Leadership Campers have gone home excited about new friends they’ve made and new games they’ve played, but national research shows summer Leadership Camps do much more. Leadership Camps like ours have lasting impact on your local youth by enhancing social skills, providing summer learning, building self-confidence, encouraging respect and promoting physical activity.

How could your local youth be impacted? Here, in their own words, are reactions of teens about our Indiana Sheriffs’ Youth Leadership Camps:

ISA Youth Leadership Camp enhances social skills.

“It was amazing. I had a great time meeting and making new friends. I would return and recommend friends going.” – Jasmin, age 13

“I did make two best friends. They are Ella and Hope. I am staying in touch with them.” – Ceara, age 12

“Kids everywhere should come. I had a lot of fun stepping out of my comfort zone. Hundreds more should come to that amazing camp.” – Elijah, age 12

ISA Youth Leadership Camp provides summer learning opportunities.

“Money would never go to waste at this camp. They’re helping kids learn life lessons, stay fit and making this camp the highlight of many people’s summers, many even their year.” – Jessica, age 12

“I don’t ever want the Wednesday rotation activities to change (SWAT, prison questioning, etc.), because they were fun learning experiences.” – Darren, age 13

“I wouldn’t change the drunk driving video. That was very emotional and life-changing. Everyone should see that video.” – Kyla, age 13

ISA Youth Leadership Camp builds self-confidence.

“I surprised myself by going on the giant swing. It made me feel like I discovered my inner me and I was fearless and very confident.” – Alexis, age 12

“This camp is great for team building and leadership.” – Trinity, age 15

“Just about everything at camp was new to me, but the main thing was leading our SWAT team to win in that event. It made me feel proud of myself.” – RJ, 14

ISA Youth Leadership Camp encourages respect for others.

“… amazing … so fun I would want to go back again…. The sheriffs there were nice and easy to talk to.” – Elizabeth, age 13

“I wanted to go, so I could make a better impact on my life and others’.” – Cody, age 15

“Do what the people say and don’t talk back.” – Will, age 15

“You can meet new people, see what police officers go through and how they put themselves at risk to save other people from being hurt or killed.” – Hunter, age 13

ISA Youth Leadership Camp promotes physical activity.

“I pushed myself and the fact that I could get through the week, made me proud to be part of it – and my family too!” – Craig, age 13

“I was surprised I could do that many push-ups.” – Dokoda, age 14

“Ironman and Ironwoman should never go away! SWAT and K-9 were fun and interesting.… Don’t go and sit around while everyone else is having fun (especially at 9 Square). Have fun and play, because I stunk and now I rock! – Madelyn

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Everyone on earth deserves to have this wonderful experience. Every day, I have reminisced about my time at the Indiana Sheriffs’ (Youth Leadership) Camp. I’m not going to lie, I’ve cried over it more than once. On the last day, I didn’t realize how much this place had affected me…. There is no way for me to express my gratefulness for an opportunity like this one. You will never know how much this camp changed me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! (By the way, I’m wearing my camp t-shirt right now J!” – Olivia, age 13